We provide fertilizer and crop protection services in Elgin, Norfolk and Oxford Counties. We have been caring for the land in these areas since 1983 and are perfectly positioned to protect and fertilize crops of any type in this area. 

Fertilization and Crop Protection Services 

With our crop protection service, you can safely control weeds, harmful insects and diseases in your crops to help increase potential yields. Our targeted fertilizer programs will address the nutritional needs of your land and crops.

Our services include:

  • Pest, weed, and disease management
  • Fertilizer application

Our Services Are Available At Affordable Rates

Our quality farm fertilization and crop protection services are provided at affordable rates. We can use our expertise and available products to help restore soil health. Our aim is increase the productivity of your crops. 

Get in touch with us for a consultation and a soil analysis. We can help you farm your ground more effectively.


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