VanQuaethem Farms is a premier grower of the DEKALB® brand of seed products in Southwestern Ontario. We leverage these premium seed varieties for ensuring productive yields and resilient crops. 


Advantages of DEKALB® seed products 


For over 100 years, DEKALB® brand seed products have been known for creating a legacy of innovation. They have been able to establish an incredible and unmatched benchmark for field performance.

These products are sought after in the community of farmers and cultivators as - 

  • They include diverse global germplasm and modern biotechnology. 
  • They provide complete agronomic support.
  • The breakthrough technology of DEKALB®, named ‘Disease Shield’ is a proven performer in protecting the crops (from pests, diseases & environmental stresses) and enhancing their yield potential. 
  • These products are designed to produce more with reduced inputs. This helps the farmers to increase their profitability 
  • These products deliver strong agronomics.
  • They are tested locally for performance within the environmental condition and relative maturity group.

Eden Elevators LTD is a proud DEKALB® dealer.

At Eden Elevators LTD we able to  DEKALB® seed products. We can help you with variety selections geared specifically to your environments and growing conditions here in SW Ontario. Our product selection expertise includes- 

  • Corn hybrids 
  • Silage products 
  • Soybean varieties 


Contact Eden Elevators today to find out more about DEKALB® seed products.


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