We offer custom combining for Corn, Soybeans, Wheat and Rye. 

Working with leading technology we are able to provide you with custom yield maps as well as a service built to your preference. 


Leveraging our experience of working with diverse soil types and years of applying varying successful tilling procedures we are able to provide the best custom tillage service to get the best out of Ontario farmland.

We can work with you to create a custom formula and plan of action to compliment your tilling preferences. Let's work together to get it done right!


With over 30 years of experience, we offer a reliable and well-rounded planting service. We have the experience and knowledge of working in all 3 counties, with the many varying soil types and different crops. With the combined aid of technology and an experienced and knowledgeable team, we offer a competitive all-around service from crop or variety selection to fertilizer and seed application.

Fertilizer & Crop Protection Plans

Our goal is to give your crop the best possible start. Keeping the best environmental practices in mind our focus is on everything from weed and pest control strategies to soil integrity. We can work with you to create a crop protection plan based on the needs of your crop, budget and acreage.


Through the years VanQuaethem Farms has expanded, this growth allowed us to provide best in class elevation and storage. 

Equipped with industry-standard scales and tools, we are able to offer corn drying and storage services to our partners and customers. If needed we can also provide trucking services when moving your crop. 


We are proud supporters and very satisfied customers of the Dekalb Brand. 

From their variety selection to potential yields, Dekalb seed is a product that we can confidently recommend.

With combined knowledge and experience between, Curtis, Joseph and Brian VanQuaethem, we can offer the absolute best advice and direction with crop selection and variety.


We are on the leading edge of agricultural technology. This allows us to look at the much bigger picture of farming and agricultural practices using big data and analytics. Always keeping the integrity of our environment at the forefront we want to be able farm economically as well as environmentally.


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